20th July 2024 
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Hello, my name is Claire Marie, I am a Chartered Counselling Psychologist and I have been called to work as a Shaman. In my practice, I integrating Psychology and Shamanism.

Shamanism is a form of medicine originating from most ancient human traditions, it understands the human as intrinsic part of Nature and manifesting at four levels : physical, mental, mythical and energetical.

The particular form of psychotherapy and counselling I offer is the fruit of a transcultural integration. My purpose and ethos are about:
- Reconciling psychology with its ancient roots of being the ‘science of the soul’.
- Offering potential patients and clients a way to finding their balance through re-connecting with Nature.

My book - "How I became a shaman"

I published in France the story of my spiritual initiation.
"How I became a shaman" (Fayard, 2016). Original title 'Comment je suis devenue chamane'

This book is currently being translated.

Please see the video presentation of the book below:
(for Subtitles, click 'Play' then click the 'Settings' cog, and "Subtitles - Off >" and select "French". Then click play)

I practice in both English and French, mostly via Skype Counselling

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I offer a confidential service and abide by the code of conduct of the British Psychological society

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