20th July 2024 

Individual Counselling & Psychological Therapy

Counselling and therapy are processes of self-development and change.
Therapy is about being offered the opportunity to talk in a safe environment and explore thoughts, feelings and emotions in the presence of a trained professional.
Through this process, we can reach a better understanding of who we are and why we feel and respond to life in the way that we do. Through being listened to, respected and valued, we can gain a greater self-acceptance and learn to develop a different relationship to those aspects of our experience which cause us distress. It also allows us to increase our self-understanding which helps us to live more fulfilling lives.
Counselling is often seen as a first response to immediately pressing difficulties. It enables us to discover within ourselves the strengths and competences we need in order to deal with these difficulties in the short term.
Psychological Therapy is about understanding the underlying reasons for our being and personality and therefore involves a deeper level of self- exploration. This requires more sessions over a longer period of time.
Short Term counselling can also be very deep.
Both are personal journeys which are different for everyone and can take many forms.

For more information on how i work as a traditional psychologist, click on Counselling Psychologist

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Therapies Offered. onlinecounsellingworld

Skype and Online Counselling

Online Counselling can suit people whose circumstances make it hard for them to attend face to face therapy sessions; those without transport or who are too busy, often on the move or living abroad. It will also appeal to those who like the freedom offered by the web and are too busy to commit the time for regular sessions. It may suit individuals living abroad, working in stressful environment (ONG, press agency, catering) with little time to spare or no access to psychological support and counselling.
There are also those who find it easier to express themselves clearly in writing and some who may have become temporarily isolated and are not, for the moment, at a stage when they can easily engage directly with others at an intimate level.
Online support and counselling can involve e-mail, Skype, telephone, or a combination of these.
As a Skype and Online Counsellor and Shaman, I have many years of experience in Occupational Health and specialise in offering support to individuals who live and work abroad.

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Supervision (Individuals & Teams)

I have experience in supervision and working from a person centered view point, allowing the person to find their own solution to the situation they bring. I also offer a space where we can both observe what is happening in the room (in case of face to face) and energetically (in case of distance supervision)as well as between you and your clients, and/or within within wider systems. Like most of my work, I specialise in helping individuals to understand their situations in terms of energies and systems, and how understanding the four levels of manifestation may allow this to bring about movement and change.
I also specialise in transcultural supervision giving support for individuals, teams, and groups who work with situations involving ethnic minorities.
When working with groups, I generally facilitate space where teams can explore their practice, question their intervention, observe their dynamics and work with organisational constellations.

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Therapies Offered. bouddharose

Spirit Retrieval

When faced with trauma or shock our spirit (or vital force, core energy) may be ejected outside of our body, it oftens happens as a way of surviving an unbearable situation (emotional and physical abuse, torture etc). In western psychological terms it is often called disassociation or split. It is important to say that it is a natural way of reacting. It can also happends in case of physical trauma like a care accident, but also through loss, grief, divorce, redundancy etc. Spirit loss is not always a result of a sudden and marked event, it can happen as a more subtle and continual loss when an individual is faced with trying circumstances, for example, chronic pain, abusive partner, caring for a ill relative, abusive boss or colleague, financial recurrent difficulties, lack of nurturing, low self-esteem etc.
The common symptoms that may indicate a spirit loss are: a sense of having lost part of one’s self, a sense of emptiness, depression, anxiety, a need to drink, binge or be occupied (workaholism) all the time, a sense of being lost, recurrent headaches, lack of sleep, and in case of more severe loss: nightmare, panick attack, hearing voices, disconnection with reality etc.
Sometimes people say 'since this happened, I have not been myself'... this is a typical symptom of Spirit Loss and generally a sign that the person is willing to recover their spirit.

Spirit Retrieval is the treatment that is given to recover one's spirit.
I offer Spirit Retrieval as part of face to face counselling and psychological therapy, during long term or short term work.
I also offer Spirit Retrieval as a single 2/2.5 hour session, these are very intensive and deep work. At the moment I do not have a permanent base and do not offer Spirit Retrieval, unless you happen to live in the aera where i might find myself, pleaes be in touch

In case of distant shamanic healing, Skype or E-mail counselling) when spirit loss is diagnosed, I can use different tools like: reading in the Field, distant sound healing and mainly the Medicine Wheel which is ideal to bring someone’s spirit back in a gentle and natural way.

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Therapies Offered. Ribbons

Medicine Wheel Work

The Medicine Wheel is a symbolic representation of the world which consists of a circle, much like the emblem of the compass found in the corner of a traditional map in that it represents the Four Directions, literally the four geographical orientations; North, South, East and West. Each of the directions is seen as the embodiment of one of the four elements: wind, water, earth and fire,
The Medicine Wheel is a timeless space where we can transform ourselves and make contact with our true nature. Some people call it a ”time machine”, others use the term “quantum space.” It is a tool which teaches us to use natural energies consciously. As we enter the circle, we step into a sacred space where we can experience the fact that we are a part of everything, that we are all equally at the centre of the universe and that the universe is central within us.

When appropriate I integrate the Medicine Wheel as part of individual counselling work or psychological therapy, I also use it in distant work (Skype and counselling work) as it is a tool which can be used through guidance and rituals.

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Therapies Offered. sound healing

Sound Healing and Reading in the Field

Sound healing is a way of healing spiritual wounds and imbalance using the body, voice and the energy of music. It can be performed face to face or at a distance. Tapes or CDs can be made available on individual request. Sound healing can be part of an on-going healing journey, through counselling or psychological therapy, part of distance work or as a one-off if requested.
Reading in the Field is a central Shamanic tool. It is a way of travelling in the mythical Field, one of the levels of manifestation on which our lives are mirrored. It can be very helpful within an already established therapeutic work (counselling or psychological therapy). It is particularly useful when working distantly (skype, telephone or e-mail) and can also be requested as a one off session.

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Group Training & Workshops

work in process

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Fee free to contact me 00447891433613 or alternatively send me a message via my email contact form, to find about price for services visit My fees