26th May 2024 

Who Can I Help?

I specialise in the following areas : Stress at work impacting on personal life or sense of identity, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), depression, anxiety, relationship problems, spiritual emergency and chronic pain.
I can also help addressing everyday life issues such as blockage, exams, difficult punctual situations, etc.

Because each individual is unique and a similar presentation or symptom may be healed very differently from one individual to the next I choose to give here a few examples of how I have worked with individuals whom have found our relationship helpful.

A young man working as a social worker:
His symptoms were a sense of emptiness, depression, anxiety, and the impossibility of working with vulnerable adults like his job was requesting
We worked for 12 sessions of counselling with the Medicine Wheel as a cradle for our work which allowed him to feel more grounded, stronger and he decided to engage in a longer therapeutic journey.

A middle aged woman:
She suffered from Chronic Fatigue and a fear of going out
She had 10 sessions of counselling, a Spirit Retrieval and sound healing, these soothed her pain slightly and allowed her to trust the surrounding world and start making new friends.

A young woman working in a hospital as a nurse:
She presented with IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome), anxiety, work issues, she used to find it hard to say ‘no’ at work:
Again, Counselling and spirit retrieval gave her her confidence back.

A male manager in the NHS:
He experienced a sense of not belonging, being a little disconnected from his family, and a difficulty to find his own voice.
He had 8 sessions of Counselling and we worked with the spirit of the trees.
Through this work he reconnected with Nature at a deep level and could become more grounded in his life.

A male technician:
He experienced extreme anxiety, sometimes panic attacks as a result of having been severely bullied in the past
We worked with six sessions of counselling and two Spirit Retrievals
His spirit returned and he found himself more confident, re-engaging in his passion and reconnecting with Nature.

An overworked business man:
His symptoms were to be detached from his emotions and his family to a certain extent. He experienced a sense of being stuck in himself and at times could be overcome by anger.
We worked online with e-mail with the energy of the Medicine Wheel and Shamanic work as well as reading in the Field
This allowed this man to acknowledge his emotions and understand the origin of his anger. His connectedness with his family increased to.

A middle aged teacher:
Her symptoms were a difficulty to get closer to her inner power, a self-dislike, and destructive loyalty towards her parents
We worked over a period six months with e-mails, Skype, reading in the Field and the Medicine Wheel, this allowed her to get closer to her inner power and speak her truth and to develop a deeper relationship with Nature.

A young cook working shift work in a foreign hotel:
His symptoms were a sense of social isolation, a lack of vision for the future and a sense of not belonging
We worked online with mail and Skype, reading in the Field, Sound Healing and the Medicine Wheel this allowed him to feel less tense and make decisions for the future.

Parent of a young adult experiencing psychosis:
They were experiencing a sense of isolation; despair, impossibility to communicate
We worked with e-mails over a period of 6 months, which did not feel too intrusive, it gave them a sense of being heard and they communicated better between themselves and with their son.

A journalist employed by press agency abroad:
This man was experiencing panic attacks before going to bed, a sense of not being in the right job, lack of sleep and stress.
We worked with e-mail and Skype, and Reading in the field. This allowed him to understand himself better and learn to cope with his symptoms when they arose, which was less often.

Get In Touch

If you you’d like to share and work through your experience, don’t hesitate to contact me on 07891433613 or alternatively please send me a message via my email contact form.